How to Sign up For an Azure Free Account

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How to Sign up for an Azure Free Account Step By Step Guide To set up your first virtual machine, application or use any other service on Microsoft Azure cloud, you first need to create a new Microsoft Azure account.

The Use of Cloud Computing in Business

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Cloud Computing is the service of using hardware and software over the network (typically the Internet). Any device that has access to the Internet can connect to cloud applications where users can share files and data. The use of cloud computing is growing rapidly and small businesses are getting the benefits of using the cloud.

Business Benefits of Migrating Office 365

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Since it’s release in 2011 Microsoft Office 365 has grown to one of the best tools available today. With the integration of cloud services, it has opened a number of incredible new tools for your business productivity. Organizations are still being hesitant to make the jump into the cloud. In truth, there is a number […]