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Business Benefits of Migrating Office 365

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Since it’s release in 2011 Microsoft Office 365 has grown to one of the best tools available today. With the integration of cloud services, it has opened a number of incredible new tools for your business productivity.

Organizations are still being hesitant to make the jump into the cloud. In truth, there is a number of outstanding benefits that your business can get by migrating to Office 365 that are not available anywhere else.

Office 365 has a number of incredible options, our top benefits of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 are:

  1. Access Anywhere, Anytime
  2. Scales as your business grow
  3. Highly Secured
  4. Integration With Tools You Already Use
  5. Highly Available and Data Redundant in Cloud
  6. Operation Without Maintenance

1. Access Anywhere, Anytime

One of the top benefits of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 is availability to get access to everything from web-enabled access. You can access documents, calendars, emails, contacts at any time on any computer, smartphone or tablet. This will give a huge advantage for the companies that offer flexible work arrangements to their employees.

2. Scales as Your Business Grow

Office 365 is highly scalable and it will scale as your business grow. Office 365 is highly cost-effective, you will only pay for as many services as you use. No money would be wasted for your individual business needs, everything will be used.

3. Highly Secured

Microsoft has spent nearly a billion dollars on securing its flagship product in the last year. Additionally, now with integrated cloud technologies, they are also providing a fleet of new security solutions, such as email encryption and threat protection. Plus, the physical data centers which store the raw data are highly secure, with biometric scanners for entry, unknown locations (But still located in the client’s region) and the workers themselves unable to access the data (Known as ‘Role Separation’).

4. Integration With Tools You Already Use

The major benefit of using Microsoft Office 365 is that it’s compatible with the tools you are likely already using. Any Microsoft Product you are already using in your business is available in Office 365 in a cloud-based manner. Tools will continue to work on the next more efficient level.

5. Highly Available and Redundant in Cloud

One of the key benefits of moving to Office 365 is its availability and redundancy. You will be able to access all data in the cloud at any time, without any delays from the server or technical breakdowns or severe disasters. his significantly decreases the possibility of suffering catastrophic data loss to the point where any particular file or collection of files would not be able to be recovered.

6. Operation Without Maintenance

Microsoft guarantees 99.99% uptime and 24×7 online and phone support to all users. This, coupled with the guaranteed maintenance of all Office 365 servers, provides your organization with the technology it needs without having to worry about unexpected disruptions at the worst possible time.

Empower Your Company’s IT with Office 365 and StepinLogic’s Support

As you can see, Microsoft Office 365 is more than a simple productivity suite. With O365 you will get not only classic Microsoft business tools but a comprehensive collaboration and communication tool that will increase productivity and effective operations in your company.

O365 will help your employees be highly productive, making a huge improvement to your business performance.

As a StepinLogic’s partner, you will receive a Cloud 3-Pack combo included in your plan. Which will bring highly protected email solution per employee.


If you are ready to migrate your operations to Cloud, contact us and bring your IT to the next level.

STEPINLOGIC | 292 262 6652


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