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The Use of Cloud Computing in Business

cloud computing benefits

Cloud Computing is the service of using hardware and software over the network (typically the Internet). Any device that has access to the Internet can connect to cloud applications where users can share files and data.

The use of cloud computing is growing rapidly and small businesses are getting the benefits of using the cloud. The benefits include Flexibility, Ease of Use, Reduced Cost and Automation



Uses of Cloud Computing in Business

Below are some of the ways you can use Cloud Services in your business. Review the list, see how it applies to your business. Then ask StepinLogic’s Expert on how we can integrate these services to your Companies Operations.

  1. Mobile Working
    The Cloud services allow you to access and synchronize your data from everywhere, allowing you to take your office with you. All you need is an Internet connection.
  2. Information Sharing
    Whether you have in-house staff or remote teams, they can easily share the data and work on large files, modifying them at the same time. Sharing documents can be as easy as sending a link, eliminating the process of emailing large files.
  3. Data Backup
    As a business owner, you are probably aware of the importance of backing up your company’s data to a safe place so you don’t lose everything in case of system failure. Using Cloud, you can simplify this process by allowing your data to automatically update and create copies of your data off-site where it will be more safer in case of natural disaster, system failure or theft.
  4. File Storage
    A lot of businesses are using large audio or image files in their business operations, and these files can take up a significant part of your hard drive space, which can be expensive. The cloud allows you to move the storage from your local computers to the cloud, saving local storage for the documents you are using every day.
  5. Scalable with Business Growth
    Be sure that Cloud is highly scalable and will support your business growth. You can create a plan for your growth and utilize the cloud without a significant up-front cost. The best advantage of cloud service is the “Pay as You Go” pricing model, allowing you to pay only for services that you need to use.


The above information on the use of Cloud Services should give you an incentive of the Cloud compared to the traditional alternatives. In StepinLogic we are staffed with Certified Engineers in various Cloud platforms from Office 365 to G Suite. We can address any business need with the best practice solution and help you in managing it.

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